Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Young and Cocky

I had to chuckle… A guy in his mid-twenties writes in to another blogger stating, as far as he’s concerned, being in your 40’s is OLD and out-of-touch. His rant went on to explain that, just because he and his friends suck each other’s cocks they “are not teetering on the verge of homosexuality;” rather they are FWB’s (Friends With Benefits, or as we used to call them in the “old days” Fuck Buddies) and all of us old assholes should google that and learn something.

I’ll give him the “homo” rant – because I totally agree that just because a couple of guys get together once in a while and jack off or suck dick does not automatically put you into the realm of gay. Human sexuality is much more complicated than that and, in spite of his youthful enthusiasm, he’s at least learned that.

No, it’s the “old” part I had to laugh about. You certainly can’t get angry because, in my youth, thoughts like that ran through my head – as it did for all of my buddies. In fact, we all thought we’d better use our cocks as much as possible - wherever and whenever we could, because we knew they wouldn’t be working any longer when we hit our 40’s.

We’re here as living proof that getting older does not mean a dead dick. In fact, it means we’ve learned to get much more enjoyment out of them than when we were young and horny walking around with perpetual hard-on’s. And not every old guy needs Viagra (or an equivalent) to get his cock to stand at attention. But, of course, you won’t convince the youngsters of today any more than our elders convinced us.

I can’t remember the name of the classic song, but the lyrics go like this: “…youth is wasted on the young…” Instead of hitting an ages-old classic rant, this kid should try matching his cocksmanship with the sword-fighting ability of a more mature guy. I can pretty much guarantee he’d find his pud-pulling, sucking prowess lacking in comparison.

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