Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

Squeeze Those Cheeks

You can feel it. You’re almost there. Your balls have pulled up tight, your cock feels like it just can’t get any harder, you still can’t get over the edge? The explosion won’t happen. You’re pumping your fist up and down the length of your steel rod faster and faster, your head is thrown back, and you still can’t cum! Or you’re with a partner, plowing away, thrusting as fast as you can, as hard as you can, as deep as you can. Now your cock is so hard it’s beginning to hurt, your balls ache with the need to unload them. Your brain is about to explode but your cock isn’t and you think to yourself, “I gotta cum. I have to cum. I need to cum!” But there seems to be no end in sight. Finally, the base of your cock expands and that first blast of jizz rockets up and out. The sense of relief is overwhelming.

A friend of mine recently explored this phenomenon with a group of guys. His wife was ready to push him off, she’d had enough of his relentless pounding. It took him 30 minutes of hard and heavy thrusting to finally get his nuts off. It strikes all of us at some point or another, whether we’re fucking someone’s brains out or stroking fast enough to beat the band. It’s so frustrating, you want to scream – in pain. Because it is painful.

A couple of weeks ago, an astute reader inquired about The Squeeze Technique. It’s something doctors and sex therapists will recommend to guys who run into this problem. And it works something like this: If you’re fucking, you’re thrusting – so engage those butt cheeks with each deep penetration. Squeeze them together as tightly as you can. Squeeze and release on ech thrust. What this action does is stimulate the prostate. If you’re lying there jacking off, do the same; thrust those hips and squeeze those ass cheeks. It’ll help you get over the edge to relieve your balls of their cargo.

There’s a secondary benefit to this too. Guys, you know how much better it feels when you’re standing and your fist is flying along the shaft so fast it’s a blur? You thrust your hips forward and jettison that load of jizz and it lands five, six, seven feet away? You probably didn’t realize it at the time, but it’s most likely because you’ve engaged your glutes. Your ass cheeks clamped down on the prostate just as the first rope of white hot batter began its trip up through the shaft.

Remember the equation I mentioned months ago? [v(V) volume times Velocity] This little trick can help you achieve greater Velocity. The return on investment pays off with each rope of cum that blasts out through the head of your cock.

The reverse is also helpful if you want to extend your pleasure. Whether you’re jacking off or engaged in the horizontal mambo. When you penetrate that ass, or pussy, or mouth, or maybe you’re deep into the frot sliding those hard, hot cocks against one another, and you want it to go on and on, stop squeezing those ass cheeks. Keep your butt muscles nice and loose and you’ll last longer before you blow your batter.

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