Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

(Jackin') Life With Dad

I know I’ll probably take some heat for this one, but… I realized the posts of two days last week were a natural lead-in for a subject I’ve touched on. There are multiple sides to this situation:

Guys (like me) who wish their dads had introduced them, or taught them how to jack off; men who would have preferred not to stumble across it and struggle with whether it’s ‘normal.’

Guys whose dads talked to them about beating their meat – some with positive connotations, some negative – and wish they hadn’t.

Guys who saw dad jacking off, didn’t say anything and now wish they had.

Guys who’ve been ‘caught’ by their sons while charming the one-eyed snake and freaked out about it – or didn’t.

Guys who’ve ‘caught’ their sons flogging the log, reacted badly and now wish they hadn’t.

Men who say their fathers not only told them, but showed them.

And those men who’ve actually pounded the pud openly with their fathers/sons and, sometimes, lent each other a hand while doing so.

I know it’s a touchy subject and I realize it could fall into the realm of incest and/or sexual abuse – both taboo in most societies. There’s a huge discussion on this in the Just Us Boys forums that’s been ongoing since before I joined the site (it’s free, BTW). The posts in this subject run the gamut of the list above and I found it to be very interesting.

As I indicated above, I sure wish my dad had been more forthcoming about that little hunk of wonderment. Thank God I had an older brother to teach me what to do, even though everything he knew he learned from the street. And some of the info was way off base (which can be hazardous to one’s health). But brothers are good for something; lots of them jack off together and that’s a good thing.

I still think it’s not just important for fathers to instruct their sons on how to put a proper grip on the snake, I feel it’s their duty; a responsibility. It becomes an opportunity to teach them how to treat it with respect, how to take care of it, what to do with it, and how to wring every possible ounce of pleasure from it.

When I was a kid in Boy Scouts, our leader owned a huge camp ground in eastern PA. There were two instances this guy caught me with my proud prick in my hand. Once in the outhouse, slumped down on the bench, pounding away and all he did was say “Oops, sorry,” while I squeaked out, “I’ll be done in a minute,” (and yeah, I was just about to blast my cum all over the floor when he yanked the door open). The second time a bunkmate and I were comparing boners and had just started a little bit of a jack fest. Again the leader didn’t say anything except, “get dressed and come out to the main campsite.” Even he had an opportunity he didn’t seize – though word around the troop was he and the older guys who bunked in the main cabin with him got into many a group jack off together at night.

Guys when given the chance to teach their sons should take it willingly and seriously. Explain it at the very least; demonstrate at the most. There are some excellent solo DVD’s a guy could pop in for his kid to watch (Body Image Productions and Legend Men may arguably be the best of the bunch). A word of warning though: If there is any thought of initiating a reaching out to lend your son a hand, don’t. If your kid reaches over to grab a handful of yours, well…It’s not unheard of, but proceed with all due caution and tread lightly.

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