Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Cut v Uncut

Well, an anonymous comment left on Friday’s post asked about Cut v Uncut… He suggested it might be a generational thing.

Yes, it is that – to a certain extent. Young guys becoming fathers now are more apt to leave their male children intact, while their own fathers most likely opted for cutting for two – well, three – reasons.

It wasn’t until the 50’s that circumcision became a wide-spread and accepted practice for the majority of the males in this country. Example in point: My dad is intact (of course), my brother who is 3 years older than I is intact, yet I got cut shortly after birth. At that time, the medical community had come to the decision that cut was better for long-term health concerns. And I’m sure you hear this bandied about a lot as this debate rages anew; and is sure to hit higher decibels the closer we get to the vote in San Francisco this November. [If you were not already aware, there is a ballot initiative to ban all circumcision within the city. To increase the chances of its passing, they’ve allowed an exception for religious beliefs.] Medical science still believes there is an increased risk for STD’s as well as a host of other issues (HIV in particular), such as bladder, testicular, and prostate infections, and penile cancer.

The other reason it got done more during subsequent generations is because men didn’t want their sons growing up wondering why their dick looked different from Dad’s. That’s an issue I definitely had growing up – though I saw my father’s [soft] cock briefly only once. I even had the temerity to ask why mine looked different. Just like everything else having to do with the male anatomy, it was brushed off with “You’ll know when you get older.” Yet the answer never did come from my parents – I had to learn that on my own, too.

Obviously, the third reason is religious in nature. Jews and Muslims both believe in circumcision and it is routinely performed on male their children.

The difference in enjoyment of sexual stimulation is minimal – or need only be minimal. Yes, us cut guys don’t have a foreskin to play with and we can’t get into docking with other guys, but the erroneous statements about this run rampant. Contrary to popular belief, the foreskin is not the most sensitive part of your cock; that particular claim belongs to the glans and the fremulum, where the nerve endings are closer to the surface than any other spot on your body. And keeping that skin soft and supple is key to ultimate enjoyment.

Are you cut and feel your cockhead has lost sensitivity? You may not be imagining it. Like any other skin, it can become calloused by constantly rubbing against clothing. The solution: Every day, right after you shower, leave your cock slightly damp and work in 5 or 6 drops of pure Vitamin E oil to the glans, frenulum, and as far down the shaft as the ring of foreskin that’s still left (sometimes called the circ scar). The callous will slough off within a few weeks and your cockhead will regain sensitivity. How do I know this? I learned this from my doctor when I asked about a dry spot on the shaft and complained about a lack of feeling in the head of my cock.

Cut or not, your cock is capable of giving you hours of pleasure. Enjoy it!

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