Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Cum Pain?

And not in a “hurts-so-good” kind of way? A poll over at Bateworld prompts me to post this. The guy indicates he gets bad headaches as he approaches ejaculation and wanted to know if it was common, what could be causing it, and if the problem would resolve itself.

This is most likely caused by a couple of things; an over-abundant release of hormones as he gets more and more aroused and particularly when he’s about to cum, or it can also be a result of increased blood pressure as he nears orgasm. It could be a combination of the two.

I’d go so far as to say that if the headache is very mild, it could be tension building up – our muscles do tense up more and more as we go along, kind of like winding up the spring on a watch. Tension gets released a bit at a time with each squirt of jizz that gets rocketed out.

Unfortunately, this guy intimated the problem is so severe as to stop him from whacking off. This is an unacceptable and very ill-advised course of action. Avoiding the health benefits of flushing out the pipes on a regular basis is no solution. Giving up something you [normally] enjoy is to lose the ball game.

Guys! If there is any physical distress when you are engaged in sex – be it fucking or jacking off – and it continues for longer than one to two weeks, go seek medical attention! I cannot stress this enough.

Your physician is there to help you, not just for healing broken bones or give you meds when a cold, or the flu, strikes. He wants you to be healthy; as a male, he knows how important it is for you to enjoy your cock and get those nuts off.

If it’s fear or embarrassment keeping you from seeking a solution, you best grow a bigger pair of balls. If you put off seeking medical attention for any kind of sexual dysfunction or genital pain/discomfort the consequences could be very costly – as in your life.

Ladies, if you discover your guy is avoiding sexual activity because of pain associated with getting that hard-on, or when he cums, if he won’t go to a doctor on his own, make the appointment for him and drag him there.

And, this is just one more reason to openly discuss sex and whacking the weenie with your son(s). Remember, Testicular Cancer strikes most often (meaning it can happen at a younger or older age) between the ages of 15 and 35. If a kid can’t tell his dad (or mom, if there is no father – or other male role model – in his life) that something hurts when he jacks off, or that his balls ache or hurt, he could be in a world of serious hurt by letting it go. Testicular Torsion (commonly called a Twisted Testicle - strangulation of a ball due to a twisted vas deferens) untreated could cost him a nut; Testicular Cancer untreated could cost him his life.

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