Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Are You Still in the (J/O) Closet?

All you straight and bi dudes, come out of the proverbial closet and reclaim your manhood! Males jack off – it’s a fact of life and your women need to face this head on. If you have male children it’s past time to have a talk with Mom and explain what boys do.

If you read the comments left by some of my readers, you’ll know that one poster mentioned that his wife had barged in on their son, then proceeded to demand he go have a talk with his son about “abusing himself.” The poster didn’t go into any detail about how he handled his wife, other than to tell her their son wasn’t her “little” boy anymore. But he did tell his son it was normal and suggested he may want to be more discreet about it, or he should maybe jack off in the shower.

And that’s a damn shame! No guy, regardless of his age, should have to resort to hiding in the bathroom to tame the beast in his pants. I had this very argument with a female friend of mine not too long ago. She proudly expressed how “open” she was with her teenage son about sexual things, including masturbation. Then she made the mistake of informing me she instructed him to strictly contain all his jacking off in the bathroom.

Of course we argued. Me insisting it was cruel; she insisting she didn’t want to find towels or socks full of jizz on his bedroom floor. We finally had to agree to disagree. And I secretly hope he’s ignored her completely. I hope that kid lays spread eagle in the middle of his bed every night stroking his stiff dick in a satisfying blast of cum in whatever way feels right to him at the time. (Now, obviously, that doesn’t mean splattering the walls or staining the carpeting.)

First of all, no one – Mom nor Dad – should be going into a young kid’s room without knocking and being given the okay to enter. To do otherwise is to risk seeing something you may have preferred be left unseen behind that closed door. Those boys have every right to enjoy the pleasures of their dicks and balls, in comfort, as much as any other guy.

But it’s about time men - if they have sons, or even if they don’t - had a talk with their wives (if they haven’t already done so). Recently a guy on Bateworld said his wife thinks it’s “gayish.” Huh? What? Any woman who doesn’t understand how regular and normal a part of a man’s life it is evidently needs to have it explained: Guys jack off. Straight, gay, bi, - whatever. They jack off. It can’t be said any plainer than that.

It’s my suspicion – and, all you ladies out there, please correct me if I’m mistaken about this – but, it’s my suspicion that the problem women have with their guys jacking off is based in fear. The fear he doesn’t find her sexy or attractive anymore. (Infidelity doesn’t enter here, because remember he’s going it solo.) But could it also be fear that if her guy can service his own hard-on, blow that batter and satisfy those aching nuts without her help, then “maybe he doesn’t need me.”???

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