Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Got Frot?

I’ve talked about mutual jack off before. I think it’s great that two men, no matter their orientation, can enjoy lending one another a hand. Bate buddies can be terrific partners for jacking off together. Guys know exactly where, when, and how to place just the right amount of stimulation for maximum effect. When you think of mutual jack off, it doesn’t have to be “all hands on dicks” only. You can mix it up a bit for some pretty intense sensations.

I’ve attended a number of group jack-off sessions where guys stand face to face and rub their dicks together, or one guy takes both into his hand and strokes them together. And I’ve experienced it myself both as giver and receiver. I’d like to say I’ve experienced docking, but being cut puts that right out of my reach. But what about frottage? Is this still mutual jack off?

Well, I think so, though many may argue the finer points. Frottage is the act of rubbing ones cock on or against another person. If your cock isn’t penetrating mouth, pussy, or ass it’s still a style of manual manipulation. And, manual stimulation is jerking off, right? Well, you know how great it feels when you’re stroking away and your abs have gathered a huge pool of pre-cum and you run the head of your cock through it? The sensation with frot is like that – only better. When you’re the top guy (whether with a guy or a woman), you can control the amount of pressure and stimulation; being on the bottom (again with a man or woman), not so much. But the awesome feeling… Imagine being stretched out torso to torso with a dude. Now double the amount of pre and add the feel of your hard pole sliding against his pumped up pole, his cockhead bumping yours. Add the sensations of a slick dick sliding along your balls…Or the feel of his slick steel rod rubbing along your frenulum…  Oh my!

When you both blast that huge load of hot, slippery cum and you’re both thrusting your wet cocks through it…Oh,my! is right.

If you haven’t tried this, the text time you get with your bate buddy, contemplate moving into this realm. You may get hooked on it!

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