Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Give Yourself the Finger

…and get one huge, intense, explosion of cum. Straight guys, you don’t have to be afraid, it doesn’t mean you’re turning gay; it means you’ve discovered the Male G Spot. All you ladies out there, don’t be thinking your man is turning all gay on your ass – they’re just learning to enjoy theirs. As Men’s Health magazine reported almost ten years ago, straight guys are finally discovering what gay men have known all along: prostate stimulation feels fucking awesome.

Yeah, the prostate spasms when we cum; it’s part of the overall orgasm for us guys. But you can add to the intensity of your ejaculation. No wonder we run across images of guys whacking off while pushing a finger against the very root of their sticks.

Once thought to be strictly within the realm of medicine (as when my urologist massaged mine and then milked me dry (read the post), prostate massage is a pleasurable activity enjoyed by more and more men.

And the good news is this: You don’t have to get something shoved up your ass to experience it – though doing that provides a much more complete sensation. Follow the base of your cock all the way down to the root until you are just at the edge of your anus. And push a finger into the spot. Yeah…right there. Feel it? Draw little circles over it with your finger, increasing and decreasing the pressure. Yeah…that is your prostate you feel sending those little buzzing electrical impulses up into your rock hard dick and down into your balls. It feels good, doesn’t it? Doing this – especially just as you are about to blow your load – results in some very good vibrations.

While that external pressure feels pretty damn good, internal stimulation can send both of your heads spinning into a frenzy. Pushing a single finger up inside and hooking it toward your abs will hit it.

Don’t want a finger (or hard cock) up your ass? There are hundreds of different “wands” available to accomplish the job for you – some even have vibrators in them for added sensations – and they make a nice little, inexpensive toy to add to your collection.

Want to be sent over the top with a mind-blowing, toe-curling exploding load? Kick back and let your partner or wife use one of these little wonders on you while you stroke away or fondle your nuts; basically using your own hands to hit all the other erogenous zones of your body. The added stimulation of the prostate helps you build a bigger load. And because Cowper’s glands (which produce pre-ejaculate) are so close to the prostate, the amount of pre-cum pooling on your torso will be enough to make you think your pole has turned into a flowing volcano (and rubbing the head of your cock in it is a totally awesome feeling) – that is until it explodes in rope after rope of white-hot jizz.

We need to cease thinking of anal stimulation as “gay.” It’s simply adding a fantastic new dimension for us in getting our rocks off; it’s discovering a new treasure trove of pleasure and enjoying our bodies.

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