Senin, 25 April 2011

Partner Up!

This is one even the ladies out there can employ. It’s the guy’s birthday, or some other occasion (or you just want to be good to him and surprise him) and you just don’t know what to do. Give him a massage. No – don’t buy him one…Give him one; a nice, long, sensual massage; one that’s meant to give him a big old boner and get him off. Mutual j/o doesn’t necessarily mean working on each other at the same time.
Preparation. Get a bottle of massage oil and a bottle of good lube. Heat a bowl of water to place them in so you don’t have to waste time rubbing your hands together to warm it up. If you can put the oil and lube in pump dispensers, you won’t have to take the bottle out of the warm water. Wet a small hand towel, place it into a ziplock baggie, and place it in the warm water. Drape a sheet over any stable surface (my wife and I use the kitchen table); the floor will do if you don’t have anything else. Just don’t use the bed – it’ll be too soft. Light a few candles and lower the light factor as much as possible. Have slow, instrumental music playing softly in the background.
Undress him and give him a warm bath or shower – one where you do the soaping, rinsing, and drying for him. Lead him to the ‘massage table’ and have him lay face down, letting him arrange his cock (it may take a few small adjustments until it’s in a comfortable position). When he’s ready, spread some oil in your palms and begin. And always make sure your hands are well-oiled at all times – so keep it nearby.
You want to start in the middle of the body and work your way to the limbs. This will expel the tension to the toes and fingers. Then you’ll work your way back to the core to build that boner. So, begin with the small of the back and work upward. With soft, very gentle strokes of your hands and forearms, use the heel of your hand and your thumbs to add a little more pressure and massage his back, neck, and the back of his head (unless he doesn’t like his hair full of oil – I hate that). Work over the shoulders and then down one arm. Massage his hand – there’s a spot on the palm that will trigger a response in his groin – and do each finger, one at a time. Move to the other side and repeat for his other arm and hand. Always with slow, gliding, purposeful movements.
Return to the small of his back and work your way down. Lightly knead the muscles of his butt with your thumbs from the crack outward. Move to his thigh, help him spread his legs slightly apart if they aren’t already. Do the thigh in long sweeping moves. When your hands return to the top, move your fingers and thumbs into the perineum (the area between his ass and his balls; this is the root of his cock) and gently push and knead the area. Using your fingers, stretch the ball-sac and massage it. Then, grabbing both balls in one hand, gently tug down on them. (Ladies, always be gentle with the balls – don’t squeeze too hard or tug too far.) Move on down the leg, do the calf muscles, the ankle, and the foot. There’s another trigger point for the groin on the instep. Do each toe, one at a time. Then move to the other leg. Start with the glute and move down in the same manner.
In very long, sweeping strokes, run your hands with gentle pressure from butt to shoulders and down the arm, repeat for the leg starting again with the butt. Move to the other side and repeat.
Help him turn over. Now you will start at the abdomen – right above the base of his shaft. In the same, slow movements, use a light pressure to stroke upward. Knead the pecs, massage the shoulder and throat. Move up to his face and using very light pressure, do his cheeks, bridge of his nose and brows and forehead. Massage the ear. Move down to the shoulder and do the arm and hand again as before. Switch to the other side and repeat.
Go back down to the abdomen and work your way down. Do the thigh and the perineum, the ball-sac, gently tug down on the balls again. Move down the leg, do the calf, the foot and the toes as before. Move to the other side and repeat all the steps again.
Now, we’re going to move in the opposite direction to bring the energy into the core. To do this, start with the fingers. Then you’ll move to the hands (remember that trigger point – you can now see the response in his cock), up the arms. Do the face, the neck, the shoulder; move down to the chest. Knead the pecs and, this time, incorporate the nipples. Move down across the stomach and the abs. Let the edge of your hands brush against his dick as your hands massage the area at the base of the shaft. Do the perineum, ball-sac and balls – rolling each one individually this time between your thumb and fingers.
Move to the foot (remember that trigger point) and work your way up to his crotch, allowing the edge of your hands to brush against his balls, repeat the groin. Then move to the other side and repeat everything there.
Now you’ve encouraged the energy to move into the groin and he’s ready to release it. Place the palm of one hand over his balls and run your hand upward over them and up over the shaft and back down. Tug on the sac and stretch it, tug the balls downward. Massage the perineum with your thumbs and fingers, allowing your hands to brush against his nuts. Place your hands in a prayer position over his cock and stroke up and down it. Press the head to his belly and stroke and push it side to side. Pay very close attention to the position of his balls and the movement of his hips. When his hips begin to thrust against your strokes and his balls elevate, he’s very close to the edge. You should be able to feel that the heat of his hard-on has increased. At this point you can either, back off and massage his thighs and perineum again to let him down from the edge and let his hard-on wilt a bit, or you can take it to the finish line.
When you choose to finish, or he asks to cum, switch from the massage oil to the lube. Spread a very generous amount in your hands, grasp his cock at the base with one hand and begin stroking; use full strokes all the way up and back down. You’ll cup and massage his balls with the other hand. Increase the pace of your movements. You’ll feel his cock harden; it will get longer and thicker and even hotter in your hand. Let your hands move with him – as he thrusts his hips, keep jacking and massaging the balls. Try to keep a soft angle on his hard cock – so it points naturally toward his torso – as he shoots his load. Do not stop stroking until his cum has stopped flowing and you see his balls have lowered all the way back down. Slow your strokes gradually. A word of caution, ladies: Some men’s cockheads can be extremely sensitive, almost painful to the touch, after they cum. Be very careful with it.
Take the wet hand towel from its baggie and softly wipe his cock and his balls clean. Then wipe his torso. Do a check of his neck, face, and forehead. If he’s blasted the first few shots that far, clean it up. Take the draped sheet, wrap it over him, tucking it to keep him warm, and let him lie there quietly for at least fifteen minutes.
Bring him a glass of champagne or his favorite wine (or a glass of water if he’d prefer) and help him to sit up. Let him talk if he wants, but don’t force it by asking questions. Let him enjoy the calmness and peacefulness. If he wants to shower or bathe again, do it for him; soaping, rinsing, and drying him. Hand him a robe to slip on afterward to keep him warm or lead him to bed and curl up with him.

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