Selasa, 26 April 2011

Cum Angle

The other day I admitted I’ve been watching a lot of jack-off videos and went into the whole “frenzied-jerk-off” rant. There’s another common theme I’ve noticed, not only in videos, but in lots of the photos I see posted in a variety of places. And it kind of goes hand in hand with a couple of past posts. Let’s talk about “the angle of the cum dangle.”
As some of you may have guessed, when we’re at the height of our sexual prowess our dicks stand up good and firm and tall. In our teens and early twenties the upward angle of our hard-on’s are at their peak performance. This angle puts your cock in the perfect position for typical (read Missionary) vaginal penetration and provides the best possible uninhibited flow of semen to its target. As we get older (if we don’t exercise the root-anchor muscles; but you do now since we covered that subject, right? I mean, right??) the degree of angle drops lower and lower.
Now, here’s where I see problems for all you guys who have asked “how can I get the longer shot?” which I covered, but apparently not complete enough. Mea culpa! Honest. I forgot to tell you about the angle many of you force on your cock when you blow that load. While you’re stroking and playing and teasing you can employ any comfortable positioning you care to that adds to or heightens the sensations. But when your balls have pulled up into position, and you feel the oncoming rush, lower your pecker to its natural angle to deliver that payload. If you don’t, what you do is cramp the flow of cum and thereby impede the force with which it blasts out.
It may be rewarding – well, okay, it’s actually fun – (at times) to lie there and watch that squirt shoot up into the air as it blasts out like the mist from a whale’s blowhole, to see how far your cum can high-jump, but this is not an action you want to employ on a regular basis. And I understand how you may want to imitate the porn stars but, you should realize they do that – point their cumming cocks – specifically so the camera picks up the full effect of the money shot. But, doing that is like placing a crimp in a garden hose!
While it won’t do any harm to your man-parts, are you really doing yourself any favors? No. What you’re doing is cheating yourself out a really satisfying spooge. Let that baby point where it should – at your chin – so it can blast off and drench you like the fire-hose it could be.

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