Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Wet (Inception) Dreams

Sorry for the long time between posts. The work gig has lasted a tiny bit longer than I expected. 'Course, that's a good thing!

I finally saw Inception over the weekend. It made me think about the wet dreams guys have... I don't know why - maybe because the thought of someone who maybe saw me on the street somewhere decided to invade my dreams and give a righteous hand-job!

These are strange things, these sensuous, erotic images we see in our minds that make our cocks stand up and take notice. So powerful they can make us cum without the slightest touch of our own hands. Awesome! But, of course, the down side would be not remembering any of the action - just waking up with your dick spewing. Or waking up with your torso full of dried jizz.

They usually stop by the time we're in our late teens (Moms, are you listening? Your teenager(s) may be staining the sheets through no fault of their own!) because we've started jacking off - or otherwise engaging in sexual activity to rid the body of the fluids that build up. And I read an article once that said young boys have their first wet dream to indicate everything is ready and fired up on the launch pad. (Another reason why dads should be instructing their sons about jacking off - - I mean, hey, we explain things to our daughters when they experience the first menstruation and the first wet dream for guys is really no different.)

I still have them once in a while. I'm not really sure what causes them, since I make it a point to get my nuts off on a pretty regular basis. If I remember them, I love it! If I wake up in the middle of shooting a load, it can be disappointing - though I still emjoy the feeling while it lasts.

Now that I've seen this film about people invading and controlling our dreams - I think I'll go with that excuse from now on... It seems it would be much more fun to think someone deliberately forced their way in, grabbed my willy - or grabbed both our cocks together in his hand - and gave us one hell of a serious stroking off!

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