Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

To Fans of Straight Jock Talking

If you are a fan and/or follower of Scott's over at Straight Jock Talking: Scott has asked me (via email) to let you all know he's fine. As you know, he went on vacation with his family last week. When he returned he found his blog had been taken down.

He is currently in the process of trying to convince the powers that be to re-instate him. This is the second time blogger has shut him down.

So, he's fine - - he said he's just stuck in blogger purgatory right now.

Smacked by danthedanimal
Since we've all ribbed Scott for his (apparent) obsession, today's pics are for him and in his honor. Our thanks and appreciation to Dan Skinner for allowing us to post it! (You'll find more of Dan's stunning photography, as well as a link to his work, on the page tabbed at the top of the blog here.)

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