Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Morning Wood (Lately)

Wow. Have you ever had one of those nights-days? Doctors have said that waking up with a hard-on is a good sign. It means your man-parts are in working order and your over-all health is good. While I won’t testify to my over-all health, my cock sure seems to be more than fine.
I really love waking up with my dick, hard as a tree branch, pressed between my abs and the mattress. I love the feel of it and I always want it to last as long as possible. Pushing it into the mattress and dragging my nuts along the sheet – the sensations are great!

 Rolling over and looking at the tent it makes in the sheet, getting up to take a leak, my boner points to the ceiling, I give my ballsac a little heft and scratch to separate it from my thighs (you ladies have asked “why do men always scratch their balls fist thing in the morning?” and now you know the truth of it) and that hand naturally wraps around my shaft to give it some strokes on the way to take my morning whizz. Standing in front of the toilet is when my cock will, generally speaking of course, wilt enough to allow me to piss.
Well, waking up the past few mornings has kinda followed the standard. But my pecker has been waking me up at 3:30 or so. It’s truly had a mind of its own: there’s been no subsiding as I strain to piss through it, (and ladies, now you should understand why we can’t seem to always hit the bowl! (no wonder I prefer to piss outside when I'm hard) it hasn’t wilted at all as I crawl back into bed and it kept me completely awake!

I haven’t had the opportunity to beat it into submission while lying there either. When the alarm has gone off, my pecker pointed me to the shower, stared at the walls and ceiling the entire time (got harder when I soaped, rinsed, and shaved it) and admired itself in the mirror afterward. I struggled to button it into my 501’s and walked around with a quite obvious boner bulge.

To get through the day, I had to just smile and pretend it was perfectly okay to walk around with a perpetual hard-on. It’s a good thing I wear black – the ever expanding wet spot of pre-cum doesn’t show as prominently.
It wasn’t until I returned home in mid-afternoon that I was able to un-cage the monster it had become. It couldn’t wait to spring out and up as soon as I unbuttoned those jeans. The resultant jack-off session has felt like I’d been edging for days. The mini-factories in my balls were swollen heavy with their burden of baby-makers. My cockhead was slick with pre-cum which spread rapidly and made my stiffy literally glide through my fist. Within five minutes the first blast erupted and splattered my cheek. Damn! it felt so good… The spasms, the throbs, the pulse through the shaft. The resultant hot ropes and pools of cum landing on my body. Still slowly stroking my cock, and milking it of every last drop, rubbing the head through the jizz, it didn’t subside for a good thirty minutes. I sighed in complete satisfaction. Morning wood – that lasted damn near all day! I’m lovin’ it!

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