Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Addicted to Dick / Public Boners

Well, after a few days gig for a much needed infusion to the cashflow… I caught a rerun of last week’s Dr Phil show. This guy is totally addicted to his dick. I mean, he is a slave to it. This poor guy was beating off 10 to 15 times a day. I don’t know about you all, but I think I can safely say my cock would be raw and muscles that anchor the root would ache. (If you don’t believe me, I’d say try it and see, but really men, pain in the perineum is something you don’t want to experience.)
It’s one thing to appreciate your pecker, to garner as much enjoyment out of it as possible; it’s completely another to lose job after job because you can’t keep your hands off it. I know some men get a thrill out of un-caging the monster and garnering attention – even if that attention is negative, perhaps hoping it is. But whacking off in the middle of your office when you should be getting work done is not a good thing; blatantly surfing porn while whacking off in front of your girlfriend’s father is not a good thing. Ignoring your two-year-old daughter while you get your nuts off can have serious consequences.

If you get an instant hard-on that won’t subside until you cum and it happens with the slightest erotic thought; if any sight turns into a sexual fantasy that morphs your cock into a steel rod that doesn’t go down until you blast a load, your dick is in total control.
Though we may not be able to control when mini-me pops up and wants attention, we cannot allow it to control and/or ruin our lives. That’s not a healthy relationship with your cock. We’re all about keeping our man-parts healthy, but overdoing won’t help the cause.
The Public Boners remains the most read post on this blog. My! I never knew so many people would be fascinated with the topic. As much as nudity is frowned upon in this country, it does my heart good to witness a guy who isn’t embarrassed when it happens.

I attend naked yoga classes once a week. It’s terrific, not just because (in my mind, anyway) everything is better naked but, because it’s easier to do the poses without clothing interfering. The nudity in class is very casual – sure you sneak the peek at the new dick that comes in – and there’s nothing sexual about it. There’s gay guys, straight guys, bi guys…it’s a real mix.
The guy across from me has been numerous times; he’s tall, in this late 30’s or so, average body (meaning he’s got a bit of spare tire), slightly balding and an average sized dick – when it’s soft anyway. We’re about ¾ of the way through class and we get on our feet for Warrior One and this guy’s warrior is already at half mast. It had grown a good several inches in length and was filling out nicely. There’s no way every man in the class did not see this (we form a semi-circle around our Yogi). It was a lovely sight to be sure, yet he did nothing to hide it and no one said a word.
I’ll admit that every once in a while my own dick starts to do a few poses of its own, but nobody comments on it. And that, my readers, is what being comfortable in your own skin, as a man, is about: no need to worry about your parts doing their physiological thing because it’s normal.

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