Senin, 21 Februari 2011

The Last Longer J/O

Here’s one of the reasons men jack off that should actually make women happy. As a friend of mine told a young guy at a party one night when he complained about always blowing his load too soon: “Pound one out before you go out with her – it’ll help you last longer.”
This is a trick a lot of young guys latch onto before they’ve learned to control their ejaculation(s). (Remember Ben Stiller doing this in There’s Something about Mary? Funny yes, but it really was art imitating life.) I used to employ this tactic when I was young and cruising the bars to get laid. It was part of getting ready to go out – one more thing to do among all the other shit like showering, shaving, and deciding what to wear.
I’d start teasing my cock the minute I started picking out my clothes. Grabbing a handful and giving a few meaningful tugs and strokes, playing with my balls would get things rolling. I’d do anything that would make me get hard and stay that way. As I went down to the gang shower, my boner lead the way. Shampoo lather always felt good being spread around my crotch; it’s got a more ‘silky’ feel than soap or body gel. Rinsing the shampoo off the groin was further stimulation, stroking along the shaft, hefting up the nuts. Soaping up and working up a good head of bubbles, grinding the cockhead in my palm, and working the lather over my balls and up the crack of my ass. Then repeating the same moves to rinse everything off kept my rod steely hard.

I never worried about other guys in there because, more likely than not, they were doing the same thing. Even if they weren’t, they understood the goal and rarely commented beyond a simple, “Going out tonight, huh?” The next step was shaving. I shaved in the shower because shaving the hair off my cock has been standard procedure long before this spread to popular culture. I’d seen a guy in the gang shower one afternoon shaving his dick and asked why he was doing it. He told me his girlfriend complained the hair irritated her vaginal walls. I said thanks for the advice and lathered up. And sporting at least a semi-hard-on helps get a closer shave.
Once I’d finished with the shower, I’d go back to my bunk, lie back and stroke in earnest, cum blasting. Later in the evening, if I’d managed to hook up, I was indeed able to make the sex last a lot longer before I blew my wad.

So, ya see, ladies, whacking off isn’t always a selfish activity; if we can fuck longer, chances are better we can get you to cum before we do.

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