Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

The I’m Bored J/O

It doesn’t start out as intentional; this is something that just sort of…evolves for guys. I don’t ever recall thinking I’m bored, I’m going to go whack off now.
Most of the time, it starts while I’m just lazing around the house. I could be leafing through a magazine, staring at the television, maybe reading a book, or maybe just floating around in the pool – naked, of course. I spend the bulk of my time without clothes – I like the feeling of freedom it renders. And I think I’m pretty much the average guy: when I’m nude the hands just naturally gravitate to the crotch with a touch here, a grab there, a pull, a stroke.
The casual touches, maybe a hefting of the balls makes my cock start to rise, just the smallest bit. Several hours can go by while I read or whatever, playing with my dick. I’ll get to leaking small amounts of pre-cum, which gets spread around and massaged into the head and shaft; maybe some on my sac. The skin of my prick and sac feels loose, silken and warm. I’m not really paying attention to what I’m doing. My dick might get hard and I might give it some strokes, but nothing in earnest and eventually my hard-on subsides. Yet, I’m not really cognizant of what’s happening with the book-magazine-newspaper-television either; my mind is just floating through numerous random thoughts.
The same thing happens if I’m just floating around on a raft in the pool. The sun feels warm on my skin, the breezes tickle the pubes, and I get a little semi. My hands might wander down to adjust, give a little tug on my nuts, work the puddle of pre-cum into my skin. My cock might develop into a full-blown stiffy, but it’ll subside after a few minutes.
But at some point, without any intention of doing so, a hand will wrap around my shaft and start stroking. The other hand begins to wander over my body and play with my nipples until they get as hard as my cock. It might run down and flop my balls around, squeezing them, and fingers begin to push and massage along the sides of my perineum forcing more blood to flood my dick and make it even harder.
Now, with a raging boner, the playing becomes more intentional and deliberate. I’ll use my thumb to rub the head of my cock on the upstroke and pause to tweak the frenulum, drawing little circles over it with my forefinger. The sensations cause a lava-flow of pre-cum, making my fist glide over my dick. The stroking of my hand along the shaft picks up speed, a hand cradles my balls and I feel them slapping against my palm. I feel the explosion gather. My cock gets as hard as a steel fence-post, the head turns dark and swells. The first shot of jizz loads into the base, hesitates for a nano-second, then fires out through the shaft, painting a thick, warm, white stripe along my entire torso. Each spurt of cum washes over me, flooding my navel, pooling in my pubes, it’ll slow and drool down my cock and cover my pumping hand.
The slow pistoning of my fist continues and I know there’s a smile on my face. Just one more reason guys jack off: We’ve beaten the boredom; passed the time, beating our meat

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