Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Mom Saw Us!

A few weeks after I’d blown my first load, squirting jizz all over a buddy’s leg, my brother, me and this same friend decided to “camp out.” This consisted of sleeping bags laid out on the grass in the back yard between our and the neighbor’s garages. This was the only type of “sleepover” we were ever allowed to have.
As soon as we knew our folks had gone to bed, evidenced by the lights in the upstairs windows going out, we all stripped our clothes off and started playing with each other’s dicks. Then my brother, bless his heart! suggested I jack them both off again. They laid down right next to each other, on top of their sleeping bags, and for a while I sat between them one hand wanking each stiff cock and playing with their balls. They both have massive balls and my brother’s 10” dick took the prize. Our buddy’s cock wasn’t quite as long, but it was real thick and curved to the left. They both made my puny twelve-year-old cut pecker look ridiculously small, but it sure felt good to have someone else’s hand working over it.
Our bud wanted more attention and pulled me over to straddle his spread legs and my brother was left to his own ministrations for a while. But I tried to be fair and moved from one to the other. I preferred our buddy because he’d at least play with my dick while I stroked his and bounced those huge nuts in my hand. It was fun to pull his cock toward me and let it go; it slapped back down against his stomach with a wet plop into the pool of pre-cum.
We played like that for the longest time. I stroked my brother’s cock to a frenzy and he finally said he was going to cream. He pushed my hand off, grabbed his prick, rolled to his side and stroked. His first shot of cum blasted out a good six feet and he groaned pretty loud every time a rope squirted from the engorged head. He rolled to his back, still stroking, with a satisfied sigh and I went to town on our buddy.
I slapped his cock against his stomach, I squeezed his balls, and ran my fist up and down his shaft while he stroked my cock. His breath turned rapid and raspy and he stopped playing with my hard-on, so I grabbed myself and went to town. I let go of his pud and blew my wad all over his nuts and pulsing dick. I recovered quickly and went back to his and whacked on his cock until his hips pushed up off the ground and he came really hard.
A few minutes later, my brother asked me if I’d been able to cum yet. “Yeah, all over Jim’s balls and pecker before I made him jizz.” The guy hadn’t even known I’d done it! He was pissed off at first, but he lightened up when my brother laughed.

It was a great experience – right up until the next day when our mom said she’d stood in the upstairs window watching us. I thought we were in big trouble; thought for sure she’d told our dad. But nothing else was ever said about it.
Thank god! she hadn’t told our dad what she’d seen us doing. The razor strap would’ve come out for sure – just like it did when our dad had caught my brother jacking off in our bedroom one night.

 That’s a story I need to tell someday – because young boys should not be beaten for beating their meat; rather, fathers should be teaching them how and encouraging them to do it.

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