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First Time Tied

By Guest Contributor Phil
My first experience of being forced to cum when I was 16 at school. It was on the day most of my class had gone on a school visit. I'd forgot about it and when I remembered the bus was full, all my mates were on the trip. Just after lunch I went into the toilets for a pee and, as I was coming out, a bunch of 5th form lads from another class grabbed me. I'd had an argument with one of them a few weeks earlier; they pulled me back into the toilets and pushed me against the wall. John, the lad I had argued with, said, "Phil, I'm going to teach you about messing with me. Let’s strip him lads".
There were three lads holding me while two others pulled my shoes off, then my jacket, shirt, and finally my trousers. I was struggling to get free but there were too many of them. I was only wearing my underpants and socks, they pulled me into one of the cubicles, tied my hands to the toilet cistern and pushed me back so I was standing behind the toilet bowl with the pipe from the cistern between my legs. They then tied my ankles together so I couldn't move forward.
One of the boys then wrote on some paper: Untie him and your dead we're watching - and stuck it on the wall. John then said, "Now who's embarrassed" and they all ran off.
I was really nervous standing there with just my underpants on. After a few minutes I heard footsteps and the door of the cubicle was pushed open. I think it was a first year lad; he looked really surprised after taking a quick look and after reading the note he went into another cubicle.
After I heard him leave some more boys came in and suddenly the door opened and there was this third year bloke standing looking at me. He laughed and called his friend over and they both stood staring at me. I felt really embarrassed. "C'mon lads, untie me," I said. "No way, but we'd like to see what’s making that bulge in your undies"
They moved closer and pulled my underpants down ‘til they were around my knees. Knowing they were looking at my cock started giving me an erection, soon it was sticking right up, rock hard. "Now that is a fuckin hard on! Lets go and tell the others", and they ran off.

Soon after they left I heard some talking and smelled cigarette smoke; fortunately they were at the other end of the toilets, but after a while I heard one of them say, "I'm going for a shit". The footsteps got closer, my heart was pounding then the door opened. It was one of the 4th year lads. I'd seen him before; he was on the football team. He was good looking with dark hair and big blue eyes. "Shit," he said, "what have we got here?" As he spoke I could hear his mate walk over.
"Untie me," I said. "Fuck off!" his mate said, as he pushed passed the dark haired lad. "That's a fuckin’ big cock you've got there. I'll do you a favour and get rid of that hard-on for you." With that he put his hand around my cock and pulled the foreskin back, some pre cum oozed out, he touched it with his fingers and wiped it around my cock head. He felt my balls and then gently started squeezing my shiny tender cock head. I felt myself tremble, "He's going to come", the lad said, and I shot a load of spunk all over the place; most of it landing in the toilet bowl. After that they both left.
Not very long after I heard a lot of voices coming in. "He's in here," one of them said and a mass of faces appeared at the door. It was the third year boys from earlier. They must have told their friends, there was about ten 14 year olds taking it in turns to look at me. As they did so I could feel my cock begin to harden again.
Several of the lads were looking over the sides of the cubicle wall then one of the lads came forward, "Let’s get a souvenir." and he reached out and pulled out a couple of my pubic hairs. Some of the other lads asked him to get them one so he pulled a few more out and passed them round. By now my cock was rock solid again. Another lad moved forward and touched the end of my cock which caused it to twitch and he quickly pulled his hand away. “It feels really hard,” he said. Another lad then put his fingers around my cock pulling the foreskin right back so everyone could see the shiny purple cock head.
He squeezed my cock tight. "Fuck, it really is hard," he said. "Let’s have a feel," another lad said, and he too got hold of my cock. As his fingers ran up and down my shaft I could feel myself coming again.
I shot a load of cum; most of which went over the boys hand and jacket. "Yuk!" he said. As he stepped back all the other lads cheered as I shot each jet of spunk.

The bell for lessons then went and they all ran off.
As I stood there, my cock dripping cum onto my underpants, I remember thinking about the stains it would make when I heard someone come in. The footsteps came straight over to the door; it was the footballer. "Not again," I said.
"No. You’re alright mate. I'm sorry about my friend earlier on." and he started to untie me. I said thanks as he untied my hands and I quickly pulled my underpants up. We eventually found my clothes in one of the other cubicles. As I got dressed I asked him why he'd come back. He said a similar thing had happened to him and he knew what it was like, and he asked me how many times I'd been made to cum. When I said, “Twice.” he said I was lucky, that when it happened to him it had been four times; twice by the same lad.
That was my first experience of being masturbated by force and I did wank off a lot after thinking about what they had done with me.
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