Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Dream State B/J, H/J

Have you ever had a hand job or a blow job while you were asleep? It’s happened to me several times over the years. It’s kinda surreal…
The first time it happened I was in the military and I’d lucked out in getting one of the rooms in the barracks to myself. I had this chick with me to spend the night. Though my plan was for a rollicking roll in the hay, I was totally exhausted and fell asleep within minutes of crawling onto the bed.
I felt my cock get hard – nothing odd about that, night-time hard-on’s are status quo. But then I felt my cock slowly and deliciously sliding in and out of something warm and wet. I started thrusting my hips like I was fucking. It felt so incredible, so intense. But I could also feel something lapping at my nuts, licking and sucking on them. Whatever I was ramming my cock into would squeeze the shaft and head when I pulled back. It felt good; soft, warm and wet, and slow. The feel of my cock being buried to the hilt made it throb and twitch. I felt the head engorge as something swirled around the ridge… I was half awake, half asleep and still thought I was dreaming when my cum exploded out the end. I felt sudden sucking sensation as my shaft got stroked and I could feel a hand supporting my balls. The next morning, the girl asked me how she’d done; if she gave good head. She got pissed off and stormed out when I told her I had no fucking idea what she was talking about. And, at the time, I thought it was the truth.
The second time I’d fallen asleep on the couch – naked as usual – and dreamt someone was stroking my dick. All lubed up, a hand moved in full deliberate motions up and down. When the hand reached the base of my cock, fingers would splay out and run over my ballsac. The closed fist squeezed the dickhead as it stroked all the way up. A hand lightly massaged along my abdomen, fingernails lightly scraped along my balls and I threw my legs open wide. Hands rubbed the inside of my thighs and a finger pushed and massaged tiny circles around my hole. The strokes became faster and my balls boiled up. Hot, thick, slippery spurts of liquid shot up and out and sprayed my torso. The now-slick hand kept on jacking and squeezing the head, and milked every last drop of juice from my man-berries.

I sighed and woke up to find one of my roommates smiling down at me, his hand still wrapped around my cock. “I hope you don’t mind. I came home and saw you lying there with this humongous boner. I couldn’t help it, I just had to jack you off.” I told him maybe I needed to fall asleep on the couch more often.

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