Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Cum Denial

I know a lot of you guys out there love to edge. I think all guys like to hold off blasting that load of jizz and spend as much time as possible just enjoying the pleasant sensations of playing with that stiff dick. I admit, I like edging as much as the next guy.
Edging is great, I love getting my cock hard, stroking it for hours, teasing it and making it leak like a faucet that’s been left on to drip all day. I enjoy squeezing my balls and putting pressure on my prostate, and helping that fluid to build up. The more jizz that gets jettisoned, the more power behind each spurt, the better it feels. I get that, I do.
But, guys, please don’t increase your risk of developing prostate cancer by denying yourself that ejaculation for more than one day. For example, if you edge to porn on Thursday, cum on Friday.

I’ve read more than a few forum posts, on various websites, where guys have said they will edge for days on end – a week or more – before they will finally allow themselves to cum. As I indicated yesterday, this blog isn’t just about encouraging guys to whack off; it’s about keeping our man parts healthy so we can enjoy them for a lifetime. We only get one set of genital organs; if we lose a piece, it can’t be replaced (at least not yet, anyway).
Studies have shown the longer a man waits to cum, the more toxic the fluid becomes to his tissues. Urologists believe this is what may be leading to an increase in cases of prostate cancer. This is why they’ve begun encouraging men to cum more often.

Cum more often now, or develop prostate cancer later in life and increase the high possibility you could end up with a limp dick after they’ve removed your cancerous gland. Here’s a way to look at it: Jack off, or Limp Dick… Jack off, or Limp Dick.  (Soup, or Art; Soup, or Art (if you remember the old argument about Andy Warhol.)

Come on guys! Whip those bad boys out; stroke ‘em, pound ‘em, or lovingly massage ‘em, whatever makes your cannon rise to a target, but make sure it fires and shoots!!!
Whip it out...
stroke it, pound it, massage it...
but fire and shoot that cannon!
This guy certainly knows what's good for him, he openly admits it, and he's ready with the necessary equipment. You know what it's for - - get one out and use it!
Get one out and use it!

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