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Bent Wood

Bent Wood
And I’m not referring to rocking chairs… I’ve mentioned before that what hangs between our legs is quite miraculous and that a multitude of things can go wrong – many times without guys realizing it. And after all, one of the reasons for this blog is about keeping our man-parts healthy and in good working condition. One of those ‘things’ reminds me of the old joke: “Why do we call it a boner if there’s no bone in it?” A couple weeks ago a fellow blogger posted a question on behalf of a follower about curved cocks. Many of the comments left were exactly as one might expect; a few were succinct.
Now if your dick has a slight curve in it when it gets hard, whether right or left, but  most times an upward sweep, that’s very normal. But… if your hard-on looks like one of these or the one above, that’s Peyronies Disease.
Actual Peyronies-diagnosed bend
Severe Left Curvature

Peyronies is caused by two things: either a build-up of plaque or scar tissue on the Tunica. The Tunica (the sheath which surrounds the Cavernosum (the chambers that fill with blood) is what helps us develop our boners. A broken dick can and will heal itself, but the result is a piece of bent wood, sometimes so severe it could point around a corner. Men crack this sheath, either during rigorous sex or while they’re asleep. If you broke it during sex, more likely than not, you knew it; you may have heard the “snap,” felt the twinge of pain, and your dick wilted like an old carrot. But most males break their boners when they’re asleep – some, like one of my boyhood jack off buds, grew up with a big bend to the left and never knew it to be any other way.
While lots of folks frown on sleeping in the nude, males should be encouraged to do so as soon as they’re out of potty-training pants. Males develop numerous erections during sleep; those erections get caught and trapped in pajamas, or underwear, the guy rolls over on it, and the Tunica cracks. Come on, guys, shuck those bottoms when you settle in to sleep!
I know it's a repeat pic - but he's adorable, ain't he?

 (All you young dads (and moms!) out there, are you listening?)
Now, if your bent penis doesn’t interfere with your sexual activities it’s usually not a problem; though, if left untreated, the severity may increase over time, especially if it’s a plaque build-up. If, however, your sexual diet gets completely restricted to whacking off or blow jobs and other variations cannot be included on the menu because it’s uncomfortable for you or your partner, there’s a problem.
A bent cock can be fixed though. Seek out an Urologist who has experience in treating Peyronies. Don’t allow embarrassment keep you from enjoying a healthy dick. He’ll need to see your hard-on, but if you can’t work one up for him there are medications he can administer to give you an erection within five minutes (or so). He may order a penile sonogram. Depending upon the severity of the curve, you’ll have options. Massaging in a steroid cream can, over time, dissolve the plaque or scar tissue. For severe bending, he may suggest surgical removal of the scar or plaque. While all surgery is risky, this is a fairly minor procedure and the incision should heal quickly and you should be back in the throes of tossing cum within weeks.

A word of warning: There are items being sold on a variety of websites. (Guys are such easy targets for things that promise to enhance our erections.) These are ridiculous cage-like “con”traptions that promise to straighten out the bend. Without the prescription steroid creams, these things will not work! With the prescription steroid creams, you don’t need the contraption! If the bend is severe, all these cages will create is pain in your peter, they will not straighten out your bent wood.
Keep an eye on your manhood, men. You want to be able to reap the bounty of your boners for as long as you live. Right?

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