Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Military Circle-Jerk

I got a request from a reader to expound on the military circle-jerks. I know from forums I’ve read a lot of guys wonder, especially since U.S. military service is no longer mandatory, if any type of male-male activity goes on. It seems a worthwhile topic.
As I’ve already explained in the post (Unfounded) Fears of a Dry Spell, damn near all the guys in boot camp whacked off every night after “lights out.” In the barracks at Tech School, the guys would lock themselves in latrine stalls to do the deed. It was during my first assignment I got lucky enough to share my (dorm-room-like) barracks living quarters with a guy who harbored no shame in lounging around nude and whacking off. In the military you learn quite rapidly to get over any embarrassment of being naked and/or morning boners, but it was pleasantly surprising to room with someone who loved to jack off, wasn’t ashamed to admit it and did it every night.
It was this sergeant who not only shared his porn collection with me for bate fuel, but invited me to my first circle-jerk. This happened several weeks after I arrived and (I guess) he had a chance to determine if I was the “right kind of guy;” in other words, trustworthy. I followed him up to the third floor barracks room where he knocked on the door. It opened a small crack, a face appeared for a second, and we were admitted. About 6 guys were already there bullshitting and drinking beer. We put our $5 each into the collection jar, the required contribution to the beer and porn fund. Someone tossed us a can of beer and we settled in. I saw a film projector set up on one end of the small room, pointed at a wall, already loaded and ready to go. After about 15 minutes, the door got locked, the lights were snapped off and the projector started.
In the flickering light you could see everyone had a woody and some were already rubbing their dicks through their pants. Slowly, one by one, zippers came down and hard cocks popped out. Hands were in motion. I opened my pants and dropped them to the floor and started stroking along with the rest of them. It wasn’t much longer before I felt a hand wrap around my shaft. I looked around and a lot of the guys had shed all clothing, hands fondling each other’s balls and stroking the cock next to them. I stepped out of my pants and latched on to the one next to me. Guys moved freely around the room, playing for a while and then grabbing another hard dick for some playtime.

I have to admit it was terrific after all the time that had passed since my brother and our buddies would service one another. My head lolled back, my eyes closed and I lost myself in the feel of it; the wonderful sensations of a guy pleasuring my cock, jiggling my balls. I’m not really sure how long it took, but I felt a mouth close over the head of my pecker. I looked down in surprise to see questioning eyes look up at me. I nodded and put my hands on the back of his head and pushed him down over the shaft and let him work his magic.
At that point it became more than a circle-jerk. Standard jack-off group rules are “no lips below the hips,” but who was I to argue; I was the new-comer (no pun intended) and it didn’t happen every time. While this guy went to town sucking on my cock, the other guys gathered round us. They stroked themselves and each other. In low voices, they encouraged the guy sucking me off. He moved around the circle to get a taste of every cock in the room. Seven guys in a circle, pounding away, and a guy swallowing dicks to the base until his nose was buried in pubes, was getting too much for me. I had to push away the hand playing with my balls and wanking on my crank.

The pivot-man, still on his knees, made his way around to me again. He no sooner gobbled down and started swirling his tongue on the underside of my cockhead than I felt my nuts jerk up – hard. There was no stopping it now. I groaned, thrust my hips at his face, grabbed the back of his head and blasted a strong shot of cum down his throat. He gagged a bit and I let him pull back. I looked around and the other six guys began to pound their puds with a fury. Cum started flying from all directions! I shot a load all over his face and chest and he pumped my dick for more as he lapped at it with his tongue.
This guy got covered in jizz. His back, arms, his hair, and it was as if he couldn’t get enough. When my cock wilted, he swiveled to the next guy and milked him; around the circle he went until all of us stood stroking our limp dicks and massaging or cupping our empty man-berries. Then he leaned back on his haunches and pounded out the biggest load of jizz I’d ever seen in my young life. Cum soared into the air and splattered all over the floor – I even felt a few hot spurts hit my legs and run down to my feet.
Somebody tossed him a towel, but he didn’t use it except for what he couldn’t reach with his tongue (though he didn’t clean up the floor that way, thank God). Guys went back to their respective starting places; more beer got passed around and conversation started up again as if nothing unusual had taken place at all. After about 30 minutes guys started getting dressed and leaving.
I attended every one unless I had duty. Of course, 2 or 3 guys would get together in between for some mutual stroking; there are a couple instances which still stand out in my mind. But the monthly Stag Parties, as we referred to them – especially after most of us got married – were great even though we had to be very cautious. For the sake of mutual jack-off artists everywhere in the military I hope Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell gets abolished in a hurry. Men who like to kick back and whack off together will be able to cease worrying about a career and enjoy themselves.

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