Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

J/O for Sleep

All men whack the willy. I’d be willing to bet that, at any given point in time, like right now while you’re reading this – and stroking yours (you are, aren’t you?) – there are millions of guys all over the world milking the juice from their berries. So it would seem weird for the need to tell a guy to do it. But, last week, that’s exactly what happened.
A poster to a JUB forum had said several sleepless nights left him exhausted, yet he still couldn’t sleep, and wanted suggestions as to what might help. I responded with: “Jack off. Seriously, dude. Jack off.”

While we generally don’t need instructions, the ability for masturbation to change the focus of our thoughts is a great thing. It’s a tool we have at our disposal and sometimes forget to employ. Anxiety can keep our minds from shutting off when it’s time for sleep; thoughts about work or family issues invade our brains and refuse to cease. An almost sure-fire cure is giving ourselves a good hand-job. But… whacking off for this particular reason requires a more subtle technique, so I gave the guy brief instructions on how to jack off to calm the mind. I thought it might be good to share with you.
No television or radio. Turn the phones off or unplug them. Make sure no one will disturb you: no wife or kids, or roommate – give instructions if you have to be blunt about it (I do). The entire exercise should take about an hour.
Strip down, lie back on the bed, and stretch out in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing. Breathe with purpose, slowly. Use the index and middle fingers of both hands to press lightly on your temples, making small circles. Soothe your brow with slow massaging strokes from the bridge of your nose, outward to the temples and then down along your jawbone; until you feel your facial muscles begin to relax. Keep the breathing purposeful; slow inhale and exhale. Now expand the line of your massaging to continue down your neck, lightly tracing your fingertips along the nape and out toward the shoulders.
Continue this down to the chest. Gently apply a kneading pressure to your pecs and massage them, allowing your hands to wander to your sides with a soft, gentle touch. Trade off between here and running your hands over the entire length of your arms, from pit to fingertips. Stay conscious of the breaths but begin to concentrate on the sensations you are creating. Do not move to the next step until you sense the muscles in the area begin to relax.
Now slowly expand your massage and light stroking to include your abdomen and belly. Light circles with the tips of your fingers, back and forth across the width of your body. Allow the edge of your hands to brush lightly against the tip and shaft of your cock. Concentrate on the sensation, feel the swelling begin. Slide your fingertips to the inside of your thighs; again very soft, slow movements and allowing your fingers to rub against your balls. With your index and middle fingers of both hands, push on the root of your dick, below the balls. Rub and massage the area, encouraging your cock to engorge to its full hardness. Do not move to the next step until your cock is fully rigid.

Gently cup your balls and roll them and lightly squeeze. Keep the breath even and slow and deliberate. Focus your mind on the physical feelings and push against the hardness between your nuts. Using only your fingertips, stroke a line along the sides of your shaft, from base to tip, lightly following the curves of it. Let your thumb linger on the very tip of your cockhead and spread any pre-cum over the head and tease the underside. Pinch the skin there between two thumb and forefinger and roll it around. Press down against the shaft with the palm of a hand and push your hard-on back and forth across your abs.
Keep the breathing slow, purposeful. Let your mind focus on and enjoy the sensations being created in your crotch. Think of nothing but the feel of your hands on your body – the heightening response of the nerve endings. Using both hands in an alternating rhythm, wrap one loosely around the base of the shaft and slowly stroke all the way up and off, letting gravity bring your cockhead down to gently slap against your stomach; wrap the alternate hand and repeat. Feel the vibrations that run through the entire shaft and resonate in your balls.
Grab your cock at the base with your preferred hand (you may change hands during, of course). Keep your hard-on close to your body, using the natural angle of pointing to your head. Slowly begin to stroke with a gentle pressure as you move up the shaft and loosening your grip on the way back down. Use a very slow, deliberate, and steady pace. Engage your other hand to gently massage your nipples and balls, stroke and tease the inside of your thighs. Think of nothing but the pleasure you’re creating for yourself. Focus on it and nothing else. As your entire mind begins to focus on nothing but your cock and balls, allow the stroking of the shaft to pick up a faster pace – but don’t force this, allow it to happen naturally.
Breathing is still deliberate, but, now, allow your breaths to match the strokes of your hands. Sense your balls beginning to elevate, notice your hips beginning to thrust. Let it build, feel the build. Focus on the further hardening, the expanding shaft and head. Let your mind focus on the burgeoning of it, the fullness in your prostate, the tensing of the smooth-muscles in your groin. Begin to thrust through your hand, letting the sensations build slowly, bring your breathing to a deliberate matching of those thrusts. Feel the heat build in your cock and how it begins to pulsate with your heartbeat. Notice the first surge of cum gather. Thrust your hips until the edge of your hand is against the base of the shaft and then squeeze and milk the spurt along and through your cock as you pull your hips back. Feel the intense sensation as it passes through and fires out the head. Feel the hot liquid as it splatters over you. Continue to thrust and milk each shot up and through, reveling in the sensations as it moves up and out and sprays over your chest and stomach, hot and thick. Slow your strokes and your breathing as the spasms subside and the cum slows to a drool. Notice and feel the warm, expanding pools of liquid on your abs.
Feel the serotonin wash through your entire body. Feel the muscles relax. Continue with slow, gentle stroking as your hard-on wilts. Breathe slowly, deliberately. When your cock is completely soft, bring your arms down to your sides. Take one last, deep, deep breath and exhale very slowly and let your entire body further relax and melt into the mattress. And allow yourself to drift into sleep.
Don’t think about cleaning up; let your cum dry on your body – it’s not going to hurt anything. If you’re like some guys and you just can’t bring yourself to fall asleep without cleaning up in some way, here’s an alternative: After your cock softens to half-mast, very slowly massage your cum into the skin. Just keep your mind focused on the silkiness and slickness of the warm liquid and how nice it feels.

I employ this every so often and I always end up sleeping like a baby through the night. I wake up with an incredible hard-on; my dick feels good, my balls feel great and I generally feel refreshed, calm, and in good spirits.

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