Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

It’s Not Wrong (Part II)

Now that we’ve educated the girls on our habits of whacking off, they need to learn what it means for men to bond. As we grow up, we look for people outside the family unit to interact with. For guys, it’s probably not a whole lot different than for girls. It’s about finding a few friends who share our interests and some secrets. It just so happens those interests are (usually) sports, knocking each other around, picking on the younger, smaller guys, sneaking banned items either into or out of the house and doing other things we’d get in trouble for if our folks knew what we were up to.
Somewhere in our early “tweens” (8 to 10) we dare to ask our buddies what they might know, or may have heard, about getting boners. The questions lead to looking at and comparing: who might have the longest or fattest, whose might curve left or right; who has the biggest balls, or hang lowest; whose pubes may have started to grow in. This is long past the age we've had peeing contests to see who could piss the farthest or longest. That was when we noticed whose was cut or uncut (thought we didn’t know those terms yet) and wondered why they were different. But, of course, no one would take the chance on asking a parent. Maybe an older brother, if there was one among the group. It might even be that older brother who supplies some information on our cocks, boners, and jacking off.
This is when the bond forms. They’ve been welcomed into an exclusive club; into the brotherhood of men. It’s the sharing of things that are strictly male, guy to guy. It’s not much different than girls sharing information about their menstruation or budding boobs. (It’s not men’s fault you ladies don’t take it further; you’re only cheating yourselves, you know.) Sharing information about our dicks, how they behave and how much fun we can have with them is a “guy thing.” Only men can impart these facts to each other. After all, a woman can’t tell a man how to clear the last tiny spit of piss from his cock; or how to roll the foreskin back and clean; or that he should shave the hair off the shaft (like the pubes bushy? leave ‘em; like a hairy ballsac?, leave it; but a hairy shaft can cause irritation in addition to cutting down on sensation). Sorry, I digress.
Forming a bond is not the same thing as being intimate; please don’t confuse the two, as women are often wont [to]. Being intimate is sharing the deepest parts of ourselves, our souls if you will, our psyche’s – our hopes and dreams, with another person. Contrary to what most women think and a lot of religious figures and psycho-babbleist’s will expound upon, sharing body parts is not intimacy. How can one be “intimate” at the age of 9, or even 14 or 15 years old? The concept is not within a young boys (or girls) power of thought.

Once that bond forms, it’s very common for guys to begin experimenting. First they might watch each other stroke and play; learning different techniques from one another, sharing what might feel better, what to do; learning what not to do to avoid pain or damage. Then, of course, come the contests: Who can cum the quickest, last the longest, shoot the biggest load, or the farthest; learning, or teaching, how to accomplish each. These, again, are things which can only be passed within the brotherhood, male to male. It’s a commonality, a connection to other guys; an experience that is male, all male; no women (physiologically, or even psychologically) allowed. This is the bond we form.

Part III will cover how that bond moves forward to new dimensions.

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