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 the Self

It’s been said many times: In order to love someone else, you must first learn to love yourself. It’s true when it comes to sex as well. Whacking off can be a great learning tool. Grabbing your tool in a generously greased-up hand and stroking to the very brink of blasting a load will teach you how to last longer with a partner. You can learn to recognize that ‘point of no return;’ the time at which you lose control over the involuntary muscle contractions which force the man-juice along its path to freedom. In fact, it’s an exercise given to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You bring yourself to the brink and back off, allowing your body to relax and cool things off a bit before resuming. In the world of JO call this “edging.”

The homework assignment for sufferers of PE is to concentrate on the sensations as you play with yourself. You learn how to recognize the signs of impending ejaculation: The pre-cum is flowing freely. You feel your cock start to generate more intense heat, warmth radiating from its girth. You notice it become harder and the head turn a dark red, bordering on purplish. This is where we coined the term “rock hard” – because your entire rod thickens and lengthens and literally becomes a burgeoning, pulsating piece of flesh; harder than you thought possible. You feel your balls pulling up close, in preparation of emptying their seed. Your leg muscles tense and contract. When you feel the pelvic muscles flex and the perineum, or ‘taint’ as it’s sometimes called (it’s the area between your ballsac and your butt hole), tighten you’re over the edge.

There are other lessons to be learned in self-pleasure. Like what feels good to you. You can explore your body for your own most sensitive erogenous zones. Do you like your pectorals to be kneaded and your nipples to be pinched and played with? For many men this is a surprisingly sensual feeling. I say “surprisingly” because so many guys think tit play is something guys do for women. Guys, guys, guys… Our breasts and nipples are just as sensitive.

We’ve got many erogenous zones on our bodies; play and discover yours. The nape of the throat, earlobes, abdomen… We are so much more than our cocks. (It might surprise you ladies who stopped in, to know the one thing guys want and get very little of when with a female partner is ball play.) Our balls are great fun to play with. Bouncing them playfully in a palm, squeezing them (gently, for god sake!!), massaging them.

Now, most men don’t like to think about this, but in the heat of the moment it sure does feel awesome to push, externally or internally, on the prostate, now known to be the male g-spot. Just as we’re about to cum, it will guarantee a final, exquisitely awesome push over the precipice.

These are all the things men can learn when they JO and help them become better lovers..

There are so many different ways to masturbate. And there are tons of sites dedicated to learning different techniques. So I’ll leave that to them and just point you to a couple of the better ones. BateWorld is a terrific resource. Guys of all persuasions, gay, straight, bi, curious guys, are there and very able and willing to share their experience. JackinWorld is another good site – although it tends to be on the tame side; a lot of teens frequent this one due to the wealth of information available there on the basics.

The old adage is: practice makes perfect. ‘Til next time, “Practice, bros, practice.”

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