Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


is as natural as eating.

That male chromosome embeds the code so deep into our core, males get hard-ons in the womb and sonogram technicians have witnessed male fetuses masturbating!! Getting our nut is as natural a need as eating.

It’s healthy and good for us. And it beats the hell out of a wet dream any day.

Think about it this way: It gets our hearts beating faster and our pulses racing, so it becomes terrific cardio exercise; we breathe hard as we’re about to come, so we get a pulmonary workout; our muscles tense and contract, which becomes an isometric workout; spewing the load relaxes us and reduces stress, lowering our blood pressure; coming on a regular basis reduces the risk of prostate cancer; it gives us pleasure and feels good, beginning to end. And, my gosh! how fewer people would be in this world if it weren’t for the ability for a guy to slip into a room and squirt into a tiny bottle? (I’ve had first-hand experience, pun intended, in this area.) How many guys wouldn’t have been able to pay for college, or at least pump up the beer budget, by making deposits at the local sperm bank? Why, many couples would be childless. How can any of this be “evil?”

Most of us discover the joys of beating off as young boys. By the age of thirteen, at the latest, we’ve stumbled across the stroking of our hard cocks with the fist of a hand and are able to blow a wad. If we’re lucky enough, perhaps an older brother or friend finds it in their heart to give instructions and/or a demonstration. Damn few men had (or have) fathers who’re open enough to talk about this secretive activity, much less teach us how. Sad really, isn’t it?

I mean, for such a universal thing, it’s still not talked about openly. I hope that changes. Recently Adam & Eve, the on-line adult store, released results of a poll they conducted through their website. It revealed that 87% of respondents admitted they jack off. (We can only assume [hope?] the other 13% were lying!) The highest percentage admitted to doing it one or two times per week, but a still fairly large number admitted it was a daily activity. Perhaps, we’re finally coming out of the closet with this issue.

So, if you’ve stopped by and read this opening statement, I hope it has encouraged you to get naked, break out your favorite lube, lay back and enjoy what nature put between your legs.

‘Til the next installment, Stroke On, brothers, Stroke On.

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