Rabu, 22 Desember 2010


If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Well I was around ten, in our shared room, the night I discovered my older brother stroking his meat. It kinda went like this: Rustle, rustle, rustle. In whispers: “Whatcha doing?” “Nothing.” Silence. Rustle, rustle, rustle. “Are too.” “None of your business. Go to sleep.” Silence for a few minutes. Rustle, rustle; the sound of blankets thrown off. Snap! And the room is basked in light, my brother in mid-stroke and a thick rope of white stuff shooting out of his cock. “Whoa…” ‘Course he couldn’t cover up without getting the sheets wet. So I watched as he finished coming; he heaved a contented sigh, his pumping slowed, and his cock wilted. “What’s that stuff?” As he wiped himself off with his t-shirt, “Jizz.” “Wow. That was so cool. Can I do it?” “You have to get a hard-on first. Does your peter get hard?” I lowered my pj bottoms, “Look for yourself.” “Well, you could jack, but you’re too young to make jizz.” “Will you show me how someday?” “I guess. Sure, but you can’t tell anyone, okay?” “Why?” “You just can’t. Especially mom or dad.” “Okay.” Snap! I flipped the switch that tossed the room into darkness again.

Over the next three years, not only did he jack off in bed every night while I pumped to dry orgasms, we would grab every opportunity we found to drop trou. In the garage, behind the garage, in the basement, hiking in the woods, in the schoolyard on weekends, anywhere in the house if no one else was home. It wasn’t more than a few weeks before he asked if I wanted to see how hard it got when he came. I found I liked the feel of his thick cock in my hand, the heft of his big nuts, and coaxed him into pumping my piston.

I was almost thirteen when I realized one of my brother’s buddies was also doing the deed. They were planning on going “hiking” the next day and agreed I could go along if I would jack them off once we got there. The next day we arrived at a small outcrop from the path, near a pond. Using a fallen tree for a bench, their boners were visible before zippers even got lowered. I was ordered to kneel before them, one at a time, between their spread legs and “get to work.” I switched from one throbbing cock and pair of heavy, swaying balls to the other, and they continued to pound away when I moved. Then my brother’s friend decided I had to do myself too. So, off came my clothes to match their full nakedness, even though my brother told him I wasn’t old enough to shoot yet. My brother was the first to blow his wad all over me; his buddy was a close second, blasting off within seconds of me grasping his meat in my cum-slicked hand. Then the strangest thing happened.

A good amount of his spunk drooled onto my little boner as I was wanking away on myself and I suddenly had this very strange sensation in my balls. I kinda hollered and moaned at the same time, my hips pushed forward of their own free will, and a long, hot stream shot out the end of my dick and splattered against his leg. I pumped until it stopped. “Holy shit, man. Your little brother just jizzed all over my leg.” I jizzed? Wow! That felt… great! My brother laughed and headed to the pond to clean his cock, “Hey, little brother! Congratulations, kid. How does it feel?” “Really… does it always feel that good? My balls feel light now, kinda an empty feeling.” “But it’s a good empty, right?” I cupped them, “Yeah.”

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